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Sabrina is member of several photographers professional associations including the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) where she achieved the Certified Professional Photographer recognition (CPP), the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) and the PPGH (Professional Photographers Guild of Houston).

Sabrina also holds a certificated in professional photography from the NYIP and regularly attends Canon's official training sessions at diverse locations in the USA.

Sabrina started her career in photography more than 15 years ago with the vision to deliver outstanding images and videos while sharing her love for photography as a powerful artistic expression.

Sabrina specializes in several fields on the photographic and artistic world including portrait photography and commercial photography. Her premium photography and best customer service has earned Sabrina a 5 stars reputation that translate in Google and Facebook reviews.

Sabrina works in studio and outdoors settings by merging techniques from the best of both worlds, natural light and studio quality. She empowers her photography with the artistic vision to create unique portraits and compositions which she delivers on beautiful printed and digital products. Her unique pieces of art glamorize the walls of families and business alike in the Houston and Katy communities.

Some of Sabrina's favorite photographic fields are: High School SeniorsBusiness Headshots  Real Estate Photography and also Aerial Photography and Video Production. Find out more about all these topics on the sections below.

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Fields of work

High School Seniors

The last year of high school is a very special moment for all seniors students. The senior portrait is an important part of sharing the moment and making it memorable and it deserves an extra bit of attention and care. Here is where I can help you as professional photographer.

Business Headshots

A business portrait is a significant component of your professional branding and a strong message about your attention to detail and the quality you deliver. The right image will send a clear message in line with your industry but at the same time capture the traits that make you outstanding.

Real Estate Photos, HD Video & Virtual Tours

We deliver a full set of real estate professional digital photos (interior/exterior) within 24hs to 48hs with the added benefits on speed and cost for the Katy, Cinco Ranch and Houston area.

Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial photography brings new perspectives and possibilities to the field of Real Estate Photography. Space, location, amenities; all take on a refreshing perspective that stands out and causes a distinctive impression.

Video Production

High definition video (HD Video) has progressively become more affordable as a tool to reach customers with meaningful content thru social media and institutional websites. Moreover, for younger customers it has become an expectation.

Any company trying to reach this target audience needs to consider video production as a tool in their marketing portfolio. We are your local and friendly videographers ready to help with this and more.

Newborns and Children

When working with kids and newborns I always look for that spark in their personality that makes them unique, and try to make it show in their portraits. It is about letting them be themselves in the portrait. No modeling. No forced situations. Their true personality.

Young Athletes

Models & Artists

Fine Art Photography

The world is full of a very particular magic which is locked in the objects and places we have made ours along the years. I will help you unleash the magic locked in your world to share its powerful emotional story. This is an intense personalized work, a soul-searching exercise reaching from inside the individual to the external world surrounding them.

S ABRINA C ASAS S TUDIO Professional Photography & Artistic Vision


Welcome to our home page, we are a family owned and operated business from Katy, Texas. We are immigrants from the far away and southern lands of La Patagonia, Argentina.

As many, we came to Texas looking for a safe place to raise our kids and build sustainable and ethical lives. We believe in our community, the power of solidarity and the spirit of freedom and innovation that makes this country shine since the 4th of July of 1776.

In that spirit we have decided to start our own business to devote our talents and skills into growing a better, stronger and more tolerant world.

Vision and Mission


At Sabrina Casas Studio we believe in taking amazing photographs to enrich the lives of our customers and communities by making outstanding and memorable visual products representing the beauty, skills and professionalism of those we portray. We also love to unleash with our lenses the stories and memories lock in objects and collections, transforming our subject in meaning and storytelling. Finally, we are also committed to serve the commercial community by providing prompt and cost effective video and photographic services with a flexible project-based approach.

We have built our vision around five guiding principles and core values: Commitment to Quality, Customer Service, Technology & Innovation, Ethics & Integrity, and Safety. Please learn more about our guiding principles and core values below.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to deliver the highest quality in our services and products while striving to reduce costs and increase value for our customers. In our services, this translates into adopting simple but standard processes as base for learning and improvement in every job. In the side of the actual products, we are continually monitoring and assessing vendors and their offers and often test materials and new technologies. Finally, we use the best quality on Canon lenses and cameras, complemented with top of the line gears and the best digital processing software available for photography and video edition.

Customer Service

Understanding the needs and expectations of our customers is our top priority. We love to build lasting relationships and provide our clients with outstanding services that can be trusted in every situation. We will sacrifice profits in order to ensure a particular customer need is meet as expected and results are delivered in time and with the best quality.

Technology & Innovation

The photographic and video fields are constantly evolving, with new technologies breaking limits and pushing expectations to new levels. We welcome an open and innovative approach to our job to learn and apply these breakthroughs as fast as possible but without compromising quality nor safety.

Ethics & Integrity

As professionals, parents and members of our communities, we appreciate the importance of the laws and regulations applying to our field of work, from privacy and copyright laws to brand new regulations applying to the fast evolving fields of drone photography and aerial video, web posting and social media; we are committed to act with integrity and respect for the laws of the communities where we live, work and operate.


The safety of everyone around us is a top priority we keep in mind when planning every job, from flying our drones to driving to a distant location; or even in the studio. Training and awareness are the two pillars supporting our efforts to eliminate hazards and keep accidents to zero. We will never try a shot deemed risky or dangerous to our subject, the photographer or others around us.


Our five year mission is to become one of the largest and most reputable photography studios in Katy and West Houston areas, in Texas. We will build a sustainable and diverse customer base with roots on retail and commercial photography while growing our team by adding the talent and energy necessary to reach our vision of excellence.

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