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Time goes only in one direction

Time goes only in one direction and your kids will not be kids forever, but you can help them to keep a part of their childhood alive.

As a photographer, a mother, and a daughter, I truly believe it is a privilege to help you hold on to a special time in their lives. I require of myself only the best and most professional work.


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Newborns & Children Photography

When working with kids and newborns I always look for that spark in their personality that makes them unique, and try to make it show in their portraits.

It is about letting them be themselves in the portrait. No modeling. No forced situations. Their true personality.

“A person's a person, no matter how small.”
Dr. Seuss

Quality Matters

When quality matters, we are your best choice for Newborns and Children Photography. As a professional photographer, I pursue the best results in every shot. Achieving the best results requires hard work, professional, quality equipment and lenses, the right technique, digital processing skills and a strong self-disciplined photographer that truly loves this profession. That is what we deliver; and that is the least your child deserves.

I guarantee my results and consider your satisfaction my number one priority. Every client receives the time and attention needed for optimal results. Therefore, it is important to schedule an appointment with enough time to work as a team during the pre-work and preparation stage.


The child on us

There is a child in all of us but it often takes a kid to help us find him or her back. It takes a kid to find our inner kid, and it takes a photo to find the kid we once were.

Have you ever found an old photo and rediscovered a lost moment?

Have you ever found, in a photo, an old friend from school or a first Halloween walk in the evening?

The professional touch

A photograph seizes forever a moment of our lives and let us have a part of the moment back —a memory— when looking behind, but... Who was the one taking the photo? It wasn't us. As a parent, you want to capture those moments your child will appreciate time and time again. And talking about parents and photos... Have you ever found one of those photos your parents thought beautiful but you did not? Well, this is when hiring a professional photographer may help you out...

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About Sabrina

Sabrina is an active member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) where she achieved the grade of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). Sabrina also holds a certificated in professional photography from the NYIP and regularly attends Canon's official training sessions at diverse locations in the USA.

Sabrina started her career in photography more than 15 years ago with the vision to deliver outstanding images and videos while sharing her love for photography as a powerful artistic expression.

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