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There are many alternatives to contact us: online, by phone or thru our social media. Yes, also thru our social media. It works, and it is easy.

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If you have a good idea of what you want, just schedule the job and we will take it from there. You will receive an email copy of your request, then we will follow up (also by email) or over the phone, at your convenience.

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If you cannot wait to talk with us, call us. It is quick and easy. If you are reading this in an mobile phone, just tap the number below.

Call 281.665.3868

You can also write us an email, we frequently monitor our inbox and reply within the day or next morning.

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Follow my Facebook Page, or follow me at Facebook. You can message me thru my facebook page. I also pay close attention to comments and likes; all that helps me decide on promotional campaigns and it works as wonderful feedback for new ideas.

Please give us a few likes, if you can. It does help to know what things you like the most. We are a small Katy firm and we love to have your support to keep growing, a simple click does help.

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For those of you who like Google Plus, I welcome you to join my circles and would love to be in yours. I know many of you are sharing, talking about photography and important local events and +1's those things you like. So, I look forward for your +1 and for meeting you there.

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Twitter is fun to follow and very, very fast paced. I like to read about latest local trending events and news, and will be happy to follow you as you follow me. Please RT what you like!


Blogger is my blogging platform; there you will find short posts with one or two photos and a few notes, tips or suggestions. It is easy to share from the blog in your own social media and am sure you will find handy some of my notes of advice and tips.

Also, you can post a short comment and start a conversation right there. Finally, blogger is fully integrated with Google Plus, which is really great as a way to add valuable content there, too.


I am developing my Instagram right now by sharing a variety of images on the several fields I work. You are welcome to follow me there too

You Tube

If you like watching videos on You Tube then subscribe to my channel. I do not post new videos very often but you will find here some really cool videos about local athletes and other local business as we work on them and develop projects on the area of Video Production


If you like photography, then you probably have heard about Flickr as one of the most popular online photo management and sharing applications in the world. I am in Flickr and, if you like photography as a hobby, I welcome you to join me there.


Of course I am in LinkedIn as well. I think this is a great plaftform for professional networking and I have started to develop a network of photographers, artists, social media gurus and more. Please feel free to add me to your network if you work in print media, photography, art, video, or are interested in those fields.

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Please visit the rest of my site and Social Media to learn more about my work and areas of specialization. Real Estate Photography, Business Headshots, Video Production, Newborns and Children and more.

Join me at  Facebook,   Google+,   Twitter,   Blogger,   Instagram,   Flickr  and also at  LinkedIn. 

About Sabrina


Sabrina is an active member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), holds a certificated in professional photography from the NYIP and regularly attends Canon's official training sessions at diverse locations in the USA. She opened her photography business in 2014 to deliver outstanding images and videos while sharing her love for photography as a powerful artistic expression.

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