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Video Production

High definition video (HD Video) has progressively become more affordable as a tool to reach customers with meaningful content thru social media and institutional websites. Moreover, for younger customers it has become an expectation.

“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.”
Walt Disney

Video production allows companies to make a strong and nice impression in their customers. Short videos are ideal for institutional websites or social media campaigns.

It is easier to capture and retain the audience's attention with a short, well calculated video than asking your customers to read thru lots of information to get it.

We have the expertise to help you develop and find your message thru Q&A interview sessions that feel natural and quickly open the space to share your experience while adding a personal factor of autenthicity with powerful emotional impact.

Real Estate Videos

My real estate videos are thru high definition videos, shot in commercial quality, edited on top of the line professional software and highly customizable. If you are looking for something to make a strong difference in a high end property, this is it.

These videos support narration with the voice of the realtor or a professional narrator though most of the time it is enough with just the background music.

Aerial Video. Real Estate Video.

Our drones open a fresh window of opportunity to enhance video production with new and powerful features by adding aerial video and aerial photography. All of that adds to unique clips that customers love to share with their families and networks.

Try it to see the difference: growing views, growing referrals and increasing customer satisfaction.

Video Production for Social Media Campaigns

Here you can see how video production can help you share your message to a broad audience by transforming Q&A sessions into storytelling.

This is the largest project I have directed and produced: 4 days of filming (jumps and interviews: +120 minutes), 120 hs of editing, 14 athletes, 9 parents, 2 coaches, numerous assistants and helpers, and lots of love for the sport and life.

It was an amazing opportunity —and a privilege— to tell the stories of these young amazing athletes so full of friendship, dedication and inspiring leadership.

Going to Worlds

Nine jumpers from Katy, Texas -among others- will be representing Team USA at Worlds Competition in Hong Kong this summer (2014). Meet the jumpers, parents and coaches and help them jump higher with your sponsorship.

Highflyers: Jump Rope

See jumpers and their parents explaining and showing us what jump rope is about.

Additional Material I

Additional video clips, part of the original athletes' interviews.

Additional Material II

Also an additional video clip part of the original series of interviews to parents and coaches.

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